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r1 art Buy R1 Cigarettes for Less at Online Cigarette StoreR1 cigarettes are very famous global cigarette brand, which stands out for its lightness and delicate properties. R1 cigarettes UK are for those who don’t like heavy smoke or got tired of strong cigarettes. Tobacco smoke of the heaviest cigarette brands differs of R1 cigarettes main features, which are – delicacy, lightness and pleasure. The following R1 cigarettes review will help any smoker from any country to choose these cigarettes for his daily use.

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Not long ago, the news shook the world – Marlboro Company is going to re-name its cigarette products. Indeed, at first this news seemed strange, but soon everything fell into place.

The fact is that Food and Drugs Administration of the USA has banned the production of cigarettes under the label “Lights”, “Super Lights”, “Ultra Lights”, “Mild”, etc. These words mean that the given cigarette brand offers people light cigarettes or low-tar cigarettes.

buy marlboro 300x187 Buy Marlboro CigarettesIn fact, it is true, but according to FDA USA this may mislead many people. FDA says that when people see such words on the pack of cigarettes, they believe that mild or light cigarettes are pretty much harmless for health, therefore they can easily smoke them, not worrying about the body function.

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